frequently asked questions


  1. Do I need an appointment? - No there is a buyer in store all the time.
  2. What are you looking for? -  Clothes, shoes and accessories which have been purchased within the last five years. Items need to be in almost-new condition; clean (no need to iron), sized 14 or smaller.
  3. How does consignment work? - We are not a consignment store, we settle up with you when you bring your things in. We offer cash or more for credit in the store.
  4. Does store credit expire? - No. We keep a copy of your credit on file so you can use it whenever you want.
  5. What is your return policy? - We offer full refunds for items that come back with tags on, with a receipt and within two weeks of original purchase date.
  6. Do you take donations? - No, we are a for profit business and feel that donations should go to charitable organizations.